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Storytelling Through a Work of Art

 My work and research is highly collaborative in nature. I approach each work as a blend of both my practice and your story. I strive to make each of my works a catalyst to bring the viewer to a place of wonder where they can turn inward to build their own connections and deepen their relationship with themselves. I paint from a moment in time, from a feeling, from a truth that I have come to know. Life experiences persist through the tapestry of my work, and I seek to bring the viewer into the moment with me with the hope that one might reconnect with their own memory, sense of belonging, or newfound understanding of their intrinsic place in the world.

I encourage applications from all walks of life and backgrounds. My research is not limited by an applicant's financial status, I encourage all applicants that are interested in my work.





I will take the time to be inspired by your story, your space, your vision, and what resonates with you.




I will create a mock up on photoshop to help envision your new piece. We can make any adjustments along the way to make sure the piece embodies your story.



Watch your story come to life in visual form.


I will do research and curate  materials to send to you. Through interview, and investigation, together we will develop a work of art that captures you.

Let's get the Conversation Started!

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