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Below you can find seasonal bodies of work. I paint from a moment in time, from a feeling, from a truth that I have come to know. My work is ever changing and growing in new ways continuously as I seek to bring the viewer into the moment with me. All with the hope that one might reconnect with their own memory, sense of belonging, or newfound understanding of their intrinsic place in the world.

Thank you for spending some time with my work,



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Impermanence, like a fleeting brushstroke on the canvas of existence, is a fundamental truth that permeates our lives. As life ends we’re buried deep in the earth, our ashes spread on the ground or into the water and we’re taken back into the natural world. As one life ends a new one begins, as one season emerges another fades, as one sun sets its only a few hours until it rises again. This body of work encapsulates the transitory nature of moments. There’s an impermanence to beauty and inevitability of change. How can really good things come to an end? Maybe impermanence is what makes life so special. These paintings are an invitation to embrace the impermanence that surrounds us and find joy in the ever-shifting landscapes of our existence.


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Through my work I incorporate all that is around me and continually challenge new ways of expressing the knowledge that I gain about people and place. Incorperating ever evolving colour palettes, movement, and symbolism often through an abstracted lens, my process acts as a reinvestigation of the natural world where I believe we are all rooted. My work sits somewhere between representational and partially recognizable, straddling the physical world and not-so-physical space that we hold inside. The aim is not towards representation or naturalism. My work is symbolic to embody the poetry of a moment. Furthermore, a catalyst to bring the viewer to a place of wonder where they can turn inward to build their own connections and deepen their relationship with themselves.

click the PDF to view the full body of work and available pieces

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