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BFA Honours Exhibition Spring 2023
Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, University of Saskatchewan

What resonates within?

Reconsider your relationship with the things around you, the people you encounter, and your place in the world.


As an artist, my work encapsulates both experience and impressions originating from my own life and the lives of the people I know, meet, or observe from a distance. As current time becomes memory, my lens develops, and my work chronicles what I have come to see and to know. Incorporating ever evolving colour palettes, movement, and symbolism often through an abstracted lens, my process acts as a reinvestigation of the natural world where I believe we are all rooted. My work sits somewhere between representational and partially recognizable, straddling the physical world and not-so-physical space that we hold inside. The aim is not towards representation or naturalism. My work is  symbolic to embody the poetry of a moment. Furthermore, it is a catalyst to bring the viewer to a place of wonder where they can turn inward to build their own connections and deepen their relationship with themselves. Life experiences persist through the tapestry of my work. I seek to bring the viewer into the moment with me with the hope that one might reconnect with their own memory, sense of belonging, or newfound understanding of their intrinsic place in the world.

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